Answers to common questions...

Q. Do I have to order for at least 40 people in order to get Lindinger's?

A. No, you can order for less than 40 people, however you will have to come to the deli and pick the food up. We only deliver to functions that are at least 40 people.

Q. I have no idea what to get!!?? What do most people order?

A. The most popular 3 hot items in our menu are the Stuffed Shells, Meatballs, and Roast Beef.

Q. Is it cheaper if I don't get a party tray?

A. No, it's not cheaper, because we calculate how much food to bring by poundage. When customers choose not to get the party tray, we compensate by increasing the amount of other food.

Q. How do I take children into account when I'm choosing how many people are in my party?

A. You should count children as adults when choosing your party size. Often parents make their child's plate up for them, and by doing so taking full helpings whether the child is going to eat it all or not. Also, some kids are bigger eaters than adults!

Q. Do you supply the paper products such as the utensils, plates, and napkins?

A. Yes, we supply the forks, knives, plates, and napkins in every job we do unless requested otherwise.

Q. When do I pay?

A. You pay us after we arrive.

Q. Are the rolls sliced?

A. Of course the rolls are sliced! What good is having a caterer if you have to slice the rolls yourself?